Evaluation of Freedom Evo 150 with AGOWA sep9600 for databasing purposes

Stanciu F, Stoian IM, Popescu OR. Poster at Forensica 2008, Praque, Czech Republic, 25-26 April 2008.


Automation is crucial nowadays in databasing laboratories especially in those countries which are relative new in the field and must quickly reach the minimum standards of consecrated databasing laboratories from Europe and USA. In our efforts to build Romanian National DNA Database we evaluated the Freedom Evo 150 Liquid Handling Platform with Agowa 9600 Magnetic Separator in different running conditions and flux implementations, for reaching the most efficient ones. We compared the results with those obtained from manual extraction methods such as magnetic DNA extraction and Chelex DNA extraction. For this we used a total of 6246 biological reference samples (5220 – automated DNA extraction and 1026 – manually DNA extraction), which we amplified using AmpFlstr Identifiler Kit. The obtained PCR products had been analyzed by capillary electrophoresis using ABI Prism 3100 Genetic Analyzer.

Keywords: automation, databasing laboratory, liquid handling platform, DNA magnetic separator