Indirect approach in finding someone’s autosomal genetic profile – a forensic tool in investigating historical cases

Florin Stanciu, Romeo Potorac, Veronica Stoian. Poster at 5th ISABS Conference in Forensic tics and Molecular Anthropology. Split, Croatia, 3-7 September 2007.


Starting with an intuitive schema and a rich historical information background, it has been possible to determine the origins and the most probable tic profile of a male person who lived between 1954 and 1984. In lack of some biological sample from this person, an indirect approach was the most suitable way in determining his tic autosomal profile. For this purpose it has been analyzed his alogical tree – eight saliva samples taken from his relatives and 9 biological micro-traces taken from the surface of fifth personal paper documents – a school certificate, a driving license, a handwritten letter, a communist party notebook and a receipt. Isolated from all biological samples had been amplified using and kits. PCR products had been analyzed with ABI Prism 3100. For revealing the alogical origins of the investigated male person, specific international databases for Y and autosomal STR s, such as YHRD, Ysearch, OmniPop and ENFSI WG STR base, had been interrogated.

Keywords: alogical tree, personal documents, most probable tic profile, historical case, STR databases.


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