2005 Comparative Study Of Total Dna Isolation Methods From Different Types Of Biological Samples

Comparative study of total DNA isolation methods from different types of biological samples

Duţă-Cornescu G, Stanciu F, Neagoe I, Stoian V. Romanian Biotechnological Letters, 2005;10(1):2011-2018.


Any genetic analysis it’s starts with the genetic material extraction. On the quality and quantity of the extracted DNA or RNA depends the success of any further research. The development of new molecular techniques have made possible for us to analyse any type of biological sample, from an insect embedded in residues, to fossils and to forensic samples.
In this article the authors are presenting a comparative study of the most used DNA extraction methods and there own experimental modifications, using as starting material a wide range of biological samples. The purpose of this study is to create the best DNA extraction method adapted to the particularities of our samples and our laboratory. These methods will be used to obtain a high quality DNA, suitable for our further experiments

Keywords: extraction techniques, DNA, tumour, ancient human bones, blood


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