Cepol 37 2015

Collecting biological evidence from a crime scene (CEPOL 37/2015)

Date: 24 June 2015
Organizer: Greece in cooperation with CEPOL

Description: This webinar aims to raise awareness on the tools and methods used for collecting biological evidence from a crime scene. This will be achieved through the presentation of issues concerning the relevant methods and rules applicable for the investigation of a crime scene. Participants will be able to compose an overview of tools and appliances used to detect biological material such as blood and sperm on a crime scene, to examine methods to collect samples destined for DNA analysis – such as swabbing and taping – and to develop reasoning and approach behind the selection of samples as well as to identify the most efficient sampling approach to help solving a case.

Target Audience: The webinar is addressed to crime scene investigators involved in the collection of DNA samples as well as to DNA experts. It is also targeted to any other police officers interested in this subject.

Category: Special law enforcement techniques
Type: Webinars
Location: Online

My contribution: Specific Methods and rules for collecting DNA evidence from a scene of crime. Reasoning and approach behind selection of samples (lecture)

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