Poster Building A Minimalist Dna Database Management System Using Pruem Tools (...)

Building a minimalist DNA database management system using Pruem tools

Stanciu F. Poster at 10th International Symposium on Forensic Sciences, 27-30 September 2011, Bratislava, Slovakia.


When it comes of DNA data exchange base on 2008/615/JHA and 2008/616/JHA Council Decisions, each EU country is free of choosing the implementation means. Romania has some experience in implementing three different types of IT solutions: a bought one – Dimensions 2.0, an in-house built solution – Pruem tools and a freeware solution – CODIS 7.0, each of them with their specific advantages and disadvantages. Starting with the Pruem DNA data exchange infrastructure and base on Pruem tools any DNA database laboratory, which has some Pruem DNA data exchange experience, can build from scratch a simple DNA database management system for laboratory internal DNA profiles comparison purposes, with a minimum of human and IT resources. This paper presents a review of the Romanian National DNA Database Laboratory efforts in building a minimalist DNA database management system using the most common and freely available Pruem tools: Communication component (Germany), Match engine (Austria) and Graphical user interface (Netherlands).

Keywords: Pruem DNA data exchange, Pruem tools, DNA database management system, Romanian National DNA Database Laboratory.


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